I'VE GOT SO MANY IDEAS !!! Cosplay... I'm sure you've heard of it or even witnessed it. Cosplay is the practice of dressing up as a character or even characters from a film, book or video game. Cosplay is mostly seen at festivals that is based on celebrating fandoms of TV shows, Movies, Anime, Cartoons and... Continue Reading →

Get off that phone

As teenagers we hear it a lot... No phone at the dinner table Whats so interesting on that phone you got? Get off your phone and talk to people You always have that nose in that phone Do you know how to hold a conversation without that phone Put that phone away It seems now... Continue Reading →

It All Started With A Mouse

Transmedia storytelling it can be spread over numerous different platforms for the purpose of creating an ongoing entertainment experience, although the overall Disney experience consists of both online and offline Storytelling as both media and society interact together to create an ongoing experience. Ahhh yes, The Disney platform tells stories and shares experience through books, films, clothes, music,... Continue Reading →

Stop Being Such A Copy Cat

Seriously stop Copying me !!!! I'm sure you've noticed that the above movies are weirdly similar and what's even more weird that these movies were both release within a year of each other. They basically have the same idea and concept behind it but how is this not seen as Copying ? Lets all be honest... Continue Reading →

The Era Of Sampling

The occurrence of sampled music is more common within the music industry than audiences are aware of. The Samples of tones, pitches and beats that were copied and used throughout music created Genres. The Genres of mashups, remix, ear worm and techno music Is created from the foundation of sampled sounds and tunes. Sample based... Continue Reading →

You’ve Just Been Memed

Propaganda is information spread which commonly is of biased or misleading nature used to promote a political cause or point of view within society. Propaganda can shape events, opinions and values of those within society, thus why Meme warfare is the most popular, common and modern form of Propaganda. MEMES  What are memes ???  A meme can... Continue Reading →

Do We Call You Bruce or Caitlyn

The taboo issue of Transgender individuals is not as taboo as it use to be due to confession and transexual transformation of Caitlyn Jenner who was a former USA Olympian Gold medalist and is apart of the Kardashian/ Jenner family.  The term 'Transgender' is an individual who's sense of personal identity and gender do not correspond with... Continue Reading →

Buzzing Your Feed

Scrolling... Scrolling... Scrolling... Bingo! BUZZFEED. The rising platform that has taken the internet by storm... AND my main source of news, entertainment and life, basically. BuzzFeed is an American internet-based company which produces content over multiple platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Youtube. The media empire focus on tracking viral information and producing humorous content for... Continue Reading →

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